Our strategic expertise

Our approach is built to work with companies of all sizes and of all types. We offer five core disciplines.

Diagnosis, Measurement & Insights

We identify opportunities you can uniquely own by analysing your business, your customers, and your market.

To help us measure the health of a brand both externally and internally, we conduct brand audits on positioning, customer journey and experience, customer segmentation and profiling, through to assessing a brand’s portfolio strategy.

Brand, Strategy & Growth

We define your north star: why you exist, what makes you truly special and what you’re here to do in a compelling and differentiating way. 

Rigorous strategy that focuses on your business and brand objectives to drive growth blended with creative execution that fuses insight and transformational thinking to deliver the essence, promise, positioning and proposition of the brand, as well showing what it will mean to multiple stakeholders by way of experience, products, services and offerings.

Customer Journey & Experience

We help you create products and services, and a whole customer experience, giving new and better ways for people to engage and connect.

The first step to a successful customer experience strategy is to be clear about what type of brand you have. Who are the chosen customers, what do they feel and think, what are their needs - what can your business offer which is not only different, but better and relevant. A brand customer experience is where your brand's essence, promise, values, and all that it stands for, come alive across all touchpoints and interactions.

Transformation & Change

We help your people understand how to deliver the brand promise, through engagement, integration, activation and change champion programmes.

We help you to define a compelling internal brand and define an experience to attract and to keep top talent. And, we also help deliver on the full potential of a brand by embedding it in the hearts, minds and actions of the entire organisation through to integration with policies, processes and procedures. We'll also work closely with the sales and marketing teams to help raise their performance by redefining their focus, priorities, structure and operations.

Brand Expression & Design

We develop the core creative concepts that will define and drive visual, verbal and experiential executions and communications.

Strong brands have personalities just like people. They express and project themselves visually and verbally - through the logo and brand visual identity systems, through the tone of voice, in writing, and through photography and imagery. The secret to good design and creative expression, is for it to be strategic in nature and brand focused in delivery across all channels and mediums.

What drives our brand approach

Our approach combines the three fundamental, dynamic and key elements for any business: Customers, Organisation, and the Market Interactions and Experiences.

With insight from this as our starting point, we are able to set an ambition and create a purpose for our clients. We build in flexibility blended with focus, relevance blended with value, meaning they can stay true to their purpose while responding to the ever changing market dynamics.

Our Process: 3 Steps to Success

At the core of our brand offering is ABC - our holistic 3-step strategic branding process designed to support, guide and help businesses navigate the rapid changes taking place in Indonesia and South-East Asia.

Within ABC we deliver a range of services across research, insight, brand strategy, design and digital through to brand alignment, employee engagement, market activation and communications to help deliver brand visibility and impact.




We identify opportunities you can dominate by understanding your business and market.

External Research

Market research and analysis;
Qualitive & quantitative research;
Customer experience audit;

Internal Research

Internal communications assessment;
Internal focus groups & surveys;
Brand visioning workshop

Brand Audit

Visual brand audit;
External communications audit;
Design thinking

Digital Audit

Digital analytics;
SEO & SEM, UX & UI analysis;
Social listening





We set your new direction and then activate your vision and purpose visually, verbally & experientially

Strategy Development

Vision, purpose, positioning, proposition;
Brand naming and portfolio architecture;
Communication strategy & messaging;
Events & Customer experience

Design & Expression

Brand & visual identity system – logos, palette, imagery;
Packaging & retail design;
Brand communications design;
Environment & experience design;
Motion graphics & sensory branding

Employer Branding

Employer & employee value propositions;
Corporate responsibility & sponsorship guidelines;
Brand governance & metrics

Digital Design

Strategy, website and intranet;
UI & UX design;
Applications & mobile;
Social media & data/ analytics





We bring your brand to life externally as well as internally through activation, communications and engagement.

Brand Activation

Brand launch strategy and activation;
Events & Sports marketing;
Brand management;
Brand measurement

Internal Branding

Brand culture training & rallies;
Internal communications;
Employer/employee brand engagement, alignment and activation.

Brand Communications

Brand guidelines, toolkits & metrics;
Communications design and production;
Merchandising and shopper marketing;
Environmental and wayfinding design;
Video and moving image design & production.

Digital Activation

UI, UX, SEO and SEM;
Social & digital advertising;
Digital brand guidelines.


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